So the ghost ran away, one thought in his head:
To go back to his old house and lie down in his bed.
But you can’t go back in time, any ghost can see,
So he lay down where his bed used to be.


Ahhh I love my baby so much


P.S. September 2: Set to go! New lessons to attend! A whole castle to get lost in! Potions class to crush your spirit.

i’m so stressed about getting everthing i need for uni hgggggggggg


The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

oitnb + text posts


Okay but Teddy Lupin performing a one-man show of all the shit that happened to his godfather in school

take a moment and picture this kid switching from red hair to blond to mock himself for being a Weasley three seconds before he changes to Harry to tell himself to stuff it

Imagine the wonder that is the Teddy Lupin one man theatre club


Harry Potter House Crest Leather Wallets

Although these genuine leather wallets are ideal for wizards, they work just as well for holding muggle money. Available in various colors. Sold on Etsy.


my favorite marco bodt factoid is that the creator of SNK got asked why marco kept showing up in the list of people who are alive and he said that he had forgotten who marco even was